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“We have the required experts, abilities & broad network of experts to evaluate the effect of current law regulations in different countries and also provide end-to-end alternatives with the presence of PAN India.
Our philosophy is to provide outstanding customer service by implementing a holistic strategy and constantly striving for excellence in all associated operations by ensuring the highest quality standards by implementing an interpretational strategy that allows us to be ‘RARe’.

The Story

It all began when our maverik founder, Mr. Haaren Sanghvi, discovered his passion for number crunching, process automation, and the art of reengineering costs. This valueadded work added measurable value to the client’ bottom line that delighted clients

Attracting rich talent, building relationships, and collaborating was natural to him, and this led passionate experts working together as HSAG, delivering unparalleled value that transformed companies leading towards growth

One connecting element in this group was respecting people, and talent and knowledge sharing between domains leading to a peoplefirst consulting firm with a sustainable growth. The inhouse character learning lead to HSAG offering people services to its clients as a value add which was soon requested as dedicated service

Founder's Message


Our objective is to be the best in everything we do, turning our experience and industry knowledge into value for clients. We provide Audit, Tax and Advisory services, delivering a set of multidisciplinary financial and accounting capabilities based on in-depth industry knowledge. We work for a wide range of clients, from global organizations to entrepreneurial start-ups. Our focus on Industries helps us to develop a rich understanding of your business. Together with the insight, skills and resources required to address industry specific issues and opportunities, our role is to challenge clients to look at themselves and their markets in new ways, making business complexities simple for them.

It's our DNA

At HSAG, we uphold a distinctive philosophy based on the pillars of Relationships, Approach, and Results. Our team embodies a unique approach that prioritizes the delivery of exceptional professional services. We adopt a holistic, entrepreneurial perspective, ensuring a proactive and resultdriven attitude

Our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest level of ethical, transparent, and valuedriven professional Relationships has helped to foster trust, and position us as a preferred partner in the global marketplace. 

HR... The Bridge between a vision and execution

The one singular element about growth is people, and their passion and commitment. One of HSAG’s forte is identifying the right people for the right job, and that’s where HSAG HR, a vertical focused on human resources steps in to transform businesses

HSAG redefines human resources as the catalyst to create thriving workplaces with talent, and empower businesses through strategic HR solutions

HSAG is the bridge between talent and success, fostering a workplace culture that values people, innovation, and growth. There is a 360° assessment to ensure an optimum fit matching to the job profile, and the culture of the company. 

HR Solutions Suite

HSAG HR is a onestopshop tested and preferred by global and Indian corporate. Right from HR Advisory and Consulting to regular Recruitment, HSAG HR offers the entire gamut of services required for small to larger companies across sectors. 

Collaborating with the client, HSAG’s industry specific experienced domain experts lead the assignment. With HSAG’s 6 Sigma Certified process the requirement is fulfilled

Our fundamental objective is to deliver highquality consulting advisory services to organizations in pursuit of strategic guidance to attain their objectives. In a dynamic business landscape where conditions are continuously changing, our experienced professionals are committed to assisting you in navigating market dynamics and maintaining a competitive edge. 

HSAG provides a human capital with high matches skilled workers with organizations that need specialized employees. Our experts at the strategy consulting firm collaborate extensively with business leaders in workshops to establish a unified sense of purpose and direction. 

In addition to regular recruitment services, HSAG’s most sought after service is pairing skilled workers on a temporary basis with organizations that are finding it hard to deal with an unexpectedly high volume of work in a particular department or function

HR Solutions Suite

  • Permanent Recruitment (Hiring at all levels)
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Policy Formation
  • HR Consulting
  • Payroll Services
  • Pre-Hire HR Administration
  • Registration & Compliances under Labour Laws
  • People Management
  • Strategic HR Services
  • Conflict Management
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Succession Planning
  • CXO Search

Industries We Serve

  • Private Equity Firm
  • Media, Advertising & Entertainment
  • Financial Sectors
  • IT Industry
  • E-commerce
  • Law Firm
  • Real Estate
  • Education Institutions
  • Manufacturing & Trading
  • Healthcare


HSAG HR services a blend of expertise, experience, domain specialists, human psychology, and technology integration (Al + White Label software) that offers valuedriven, innovative solutions

Key highlights: 

Recruitment (Client Interviews and Recruitment as per Job Description)

HSAG has a structured recruitment process that involves initial recruitment efforts, client interviews to align candidate profiles with organizational needs, and ensuring that the final hiring decisions adhere closely to the defined job descriptions.

Tailored Staffing Recruitment

At HSAG staffing and recruitment is as per to the client's mandate specific needs, preferences, and culture of the client organization to ensure that the selected talent fits seamlessly into the client's work environment.

Staffing Solutions as a Part of Consulting

HSAG offers strategic HR guidance alongside practical staffing support. Staffing decisions are guided to align with the overall organizational strategy and business.

Registration and Compliances under Labour Laws

HSAG Team is all updated with the latest law and compliance updates, amend- ments, and circulars. All registration and compliances required for the HR segment, domain wise under the labour laws like monthly statutory compliances, registration & renewals of PF, ESIC, LWF, PT, shop and establishment license, labour compliance audit etc. are studied and applied as required for the company.

End-to-end Human Resources, and Consulting

Transforming traditional HR support into a comprehensive suite of value-added solutions, our consultancy specializes in delivering expert guidance across diverse HR domains. We're dedicated to providing clients with a holistic approach, ensuring they receive tailored support to navigate any workforce- related challenges seamlessly.

Domain Expertise

A team of domain experts possessing specialized knowledge and underst- anding of the industry provides tailored solutions that align with the unique requirements and nuances as per the client's industry.

6 Sigma Certified

HSAG processes and procedures are 6-Sigma Certified.

Integrated with Al Technology

Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in staffing and recruitment to enhance efficiency and accuracy; like Al algorithms for resume screening, candidate matching, and other tasks, streamlining the hiring process and improving the overall quality of talent acquisition.

Partnered Software

HSAG uses white partnered software for HR services to customize and rebrand able software solutions. The HR tools and platforms can be branded with the company's brand, creating a seamless and integrated experience for both the client and their employees.

Background Verification Check

We help in providing Background Verification Checks to ensure the authenticity of a candidate's credentials, work history, and other relevant information. This adds a layer of security and trust, mitigating potential risks associated with hiring.

One-Stop-Shop in HR offering

HSAG is a one-stop-shop in HR providing a complete suite of services that cover various aspects of human resources.

Lean Management

HSAG specialty is Lean Management - optimize processes to reduce waste and improve efficiency. We use lean management techniques to streamline, minimizing unnecessary steps and enhancing the overall speed and effectiveness of talent acquisition. Lean management practices are applied for customized staffing solutions based on client mandates, and managing a pool of resources for clients with variable workforce needs.

People on Bench

Managing people on the bench - HSAG has a pre-screened and trained workforce, reducing the time-to-fill vacancies.

Your transformation & growth partner

HSAG has a proven track record of being a catalyst of growth by identifying areas of transformation in workforce and processes, and offering innovative solutions leading to measurable growth. 
Benefits of outsourcing macro and micro Human Resource, Staffing and Recruitment to HSAG HR: 
  • Professional Systems for Effective Human Resource Engagement and Management
  • Standardized Policies and Practices Aligned with Local/Global Standards
  • Access to AI and Technology
  • Increased Efficiency with Cost Savings
  • Adherence to Legal Compliances
  • Flexibility
  • Customized Company Culture-Driven Ideas and Approaches
  • Reduced Employer Liability
  • Improved Employee Relations
For SMEs and MSMEs, HSAG HR is the first step to an organized HR structure that frees up time to focus more on their core business. Large companies bank on HSAG as a people-focused trusted growth partner that aligns the culture of the company, the vision with the right people. 
HSAG HR… Your partner that designs performance. Connect with us on info@hsag.in 

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