Starting A Legacy To Continue: Hsag Celebrates World Earth Day

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We live in times where sustainable development is not merely a known term but a necessity that requires to be acted upon. Today climate change is not just a piece of news that is going to happen in the future but a reality we all live in. With increasing plastic in seas and air pollution, we are slowly leading towards a major rise in temperatures, resulting in melting ice burgs and rising sea levels.

According to the intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC) report released in 2022, we just have three years to reach the peak of emissions ie. The highest level of greenhouse gas emission. The much less anticipated time we have is the only chance we hold to control the global warming up to 1.5 degrees Celsius which is the danger line. Slowly the human race is reaching a point where it will become difficult to come back to the good old times we used to know as normal on our planet home.

Being part of society, it is not just a matter of finding who is responsible, rather it is time to take the responsibility. Keeping that in mind this year HSAG annual meet 2022 celebrated our 20th anniversary by planting trees and taking initiative to take the responsibility to save our planet. I and my fellow members found this opportunity to remind ourselves that now is not the time we just celebrate this day for 24 hours. From now on we should walk together and most importantly consistently towards celebrating this day more frequently.

“Practicing what we preach”, this year we as an organization has decided to plant 20 trees every month for the rest of the year. This marks the solidarity of continuing the needful and completing our responsibilities towards investing in our planet.

This investment is not only an entailment but an imperative change I wanted to bring within the organization. We have realized it’s too late now and the world is also late towards finding the solution to a disaster that will affect every one of us.

By taking the vow of not just planting one day, we are walking an extra mile together, towards finding a new future that awaits us to become more accountable now. Defining this step is not just a one-time change but it is a derivative of breaking through a small milestone of a long journey. I hope that with every seed we bury in the soil we are able to plant a deep purpose in people and ourselves as well.

Without a doubt now is the time and watching the clock ticking tomorrow is questionably an option for us to wake up. We should act now if we want to save our only planet, our only home. 


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